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Part 1: Past Art Journal Pages

I am at this moment looking back at the pages on one of my art journals that I did a few years ago and as I do that now, I realize how my art has in some way evolved from someone who was trying to copy my mentor’s art to someone who just did it for myself and for who I really am.

If you’ve ever done an art journal, you probably know how hard it is to start each time. Every first page of each journal can be intimidating, but like always, with some inspiration from within, I came to create this first page on my Traveler’s Notebook (passport size) and made it a reference point on my future pages when I felt like I was out of ideas.


“Who am I?” is a question I always ask when I do my meditation. Really, who am I? There are many avenues to approach this question. Am I my name, my body, my mind, and my spirit? But at the end of each session, I always end up with almost the same answer, that “I am ever-changing.”

At some point in our lives, we all experience crises or an awakening. And sometimes or as most often the case, art saves our lives.


Being in the NOW is always important to me as breathing, it makes me grounded and to be present in everything that I do and in every place that I am in.


On the day I made this page, I was thinking about how equanimity plays a big role in my practice and in my life in general. I am not talking about the dry neutrality or cool aloofness or apatheia or stoicism or whatever, but of mature equanimity that produces radiance, compassion and warmth without ill-will.

It was but a gentle reminder, a birthday re-resolution.


And on another day, I found myself dreaming of Europe, Amsterdam in particular where I have left a few personal friends, colleagues and mentors and a little piece of my heart.


This post will continue on another part. Thank you for looking at these pages. 🙂

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  1. Hi Prem — I enjoy your talents and art work, but I was actually trying to comment on your interesting post about fishing at Huntington Pier. But couldn’t find a place to comment there. Anyway — I remember that pier from when we stayed near there one season. Love piers — don’t fish myself, but enjoy watching others. Your pictures and slide show were almost as much fun as being there!


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