Art Journal

Part 2: Past Art Journal Pages

As promised, here is the second part to my latest post on my art journal pages.


An awakening…

I was consciously creating myself into being…


I do not focus too much on how perfect I can make my pages.

Every mind wanders

Every mind wanders

A simple reminder…


The day I made this page, I was so shaken with some terrible news. It was literally fitting to put on the “be still” text.


I expressed the feeling of being betrayed by a family; I couldn’t seem to forget what she has done to me and the chaos it’s caused to my immediate family, so I decided to write it all down here, found myself embarrassed when I opened the page the next day but didn’t think my feelings should be discounted. Instead of tearing the page apart (which I actually can’t ‘coz the other side has been art-ed already), I covered the words with gesso, and let it dry. I then drew two outlined faces. I aptly named the page “Duplicity.”


The next day, I found myself thinking about my cousin again who I never thought would cause me so much trouble. So, it was just fitting that I did this page and the exercise itself. And boy, it was so liberating to have that junk gone from my thoughts.


And lastly, these are pages about one Thanksgiving Day, before I went to meet the family and the turkey for dinner. Thankful for everything and for all the friendships — on IG, my HS and college friends, colleagues, and family.

And on the very last page of this journal…

Hope you all enjoyed looking at these pages.