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Outgoing mails for the month of July

I never realized until now that I had a few incoming mail last July or did I just fail to keep count and organized? Nevertheless, here is a couple of mails that I managed to send.

Vintage themed brown mails

Vintage themed brown mails

I love making vintage themed brown mails. On top is a plain brown (kraft) envelope that I purchased years ago at Michaels  and the other mail is a medium brown grocery bag that I bought at a dollar store.  I chose word stamps by Tim Holtz and stamped randomly on it using archival distressed ink stamps, also by Tim Holtz (I am huge fan, you can tell).  Added some washi tapes for contrast and for a more vintage look. I then glued on a scrap of paper for the addresses and added some matching stamps. For the larger mail (grocery bag), I machine stitched the sides to give it a more appealing look.

These are just a small part of what I sent to two friends, one in Florida and the other in the Philippines. I made this folded Japanese paper dolls a few years ago and decided to send to T in Florida because she is a fan of anything Japanese and the vintage themed artist trading card is for L in the Philippines, whom I promised to send her an original art work.


Mail sent to The Netherlands

This is a part of the mail swap with a new friend in The Netherlands. If you happen to read my June incoming, well, this is what I sent back to the one who sent me that huge elephant mail. 🙂

Sent this to a new friend in South Korea

Well, I have been wanting for a long time now to have a new penpal in Korea just because… truth is, I am trying to learn the Korean alphabet and I thought that it would be nice to have a friend who lives out there because you know…

Again, I am so late and I will try my very very best to keep this blog up to date. And I hope you enjoy looking at these small pieces of art.

P.S. I was featured on a newsletter hosted by one of my IG friends, the Usual Habitat. Click on the link above if you wish to know a little about my snail mail journey. 



  1. I’m amazed by your endless creativity! Your creations are always so unique. I love the idea of machine stitching the edges of the envelope.


  2. Beautiful Prem as usual! i don’t do art — but some of us have to just be ‘appreciators’ and I certainly am when it comes to your work. I linked over to the blog post that featured you — and enjoyed learning some of your background there —


  3. These are truly so beautiful.
    You can see all of the love that went into their creation.
    Your friends will be so happy to receive them.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

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    • Thanks Emma… I do love vintage theme ephemera and stuffs but I can’t send vintage theme to friends all the time. :)) Well, I guess…

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