On gratitude and blessings

I sit on my deck hunched over my illuminated phone, humid warm air still caressing me like a blanket. The cicadas and tree frogs are singing, the crickets add to the choir–the night symphony. And for percussion, the pine cones falling heavy on roofs and sidewalks and stones.

I am here on my hammock, looking up (past my phone) into an ink blue sky, with clouds like a comforter (maybe that’s why it’s still so warm!). The last vestiges of color– dark Crimson of the deck, evergreen of the tree leaves, the tiny yellow flicker of a plane’s lights in the sky. The air is still, And my neighbors all seem to be nestled into their couches, tv’s glowing.

In this stillness and sound, I am grateful for my ability to see these things, see them down to my bones. These are just some of the amazing things of life. I am thankful for the ability to stop and look and listen and smell the world that I love so much.

I am also grateful for the things that keep me from such sight–fear, anxiety, even alienation. I am grateful for these because once I am aware of them, I have a choice–my awareness is the door. And so, without those challenges, I might never have so fully understood what it is to choose life and love and light. May I remember this around the next corner.

And I am most grateful for the insight of full humanity, and the full range of emotions. It took me many years to allow myself such things. Through this too, I gained sight.

I am humbled, today as every day, by the resolve we have to move forward. I wish us all eyes to see and hearts to feel. So I will pull up the tufted cloud comforter around us all, and let the night chorus take center stage.

For this and more, I am blessed.



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