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My Seven Days of Gratitude

Hello everyone! today, I would like to share to you my practice of gratitude. This attitude has immensely taught me to be more conscious of myself and allowed myself to accept what simply is. And I am thankful for this practice because it has made my 2016 a most amazing year.

Grateful for good friends and conversation that is real, vulnerable, honest, and inspiring.


Grateful to reflect on the past years since and see how much positive growth and change I have made in my life.


Grateful for those teachers and healers and friends that have supported my growth… you know who you are, to whom I owe so much personal growth and a whole cadre of new, amazing, soul-aligned friendships.


Grateful to be more in touch with my feelings – crying, expressing anger, etc. – and holding myself gently, rather than immediately jumping to some trick to get me out of feeling.


Grateful for meditation to be such a lighthouse in my life. And for the wonderful people I know, choosing to connect rather than remain cocooned in fear of the very thing we all want – to feel safe and connected to love and each other.


Grateful to this past year for all it has taught me, and all the fun and tears and stress and joy along the way.


And lastly, grateful for my inner sanctuary of peace, refuge, and solitude, which is a growing space of SPACIOUSness.


Love always.



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