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Japanese Tea Garden in San Franciso

As you visit the Japanese Tea Garden, you’ll enjoy gorgeous landscapes and scenery complete with kaleidoscopic floral arrangements, waterfalls and koi ponds.  You will also see a rich display of Japanese culture by prominent structures such as the pagoda, a drum bridge and a tea house.

What you probably won’t be able to see, however, is its rich history of the past – a past that many would rather forget.

Most of the structures that you’ll see, such as the Mount Fuji landscapes, the pagoda, the Zen Garden, among others were actually additions made from 1960’s through 1980’s. The original gates, which are rich in history and culture, were restored in the 1980’s.

It is a pretty big place to walk around and explore.If you get hungry or thirsty, there is a place inside where you can eat and drink tea while enjoying the scenery.

Having a cup of Japanese tea while enjoying the sunshine is a wonderful experience. The small shop is worth taking a look too. I bought a Japanese wind chime, incense, postcards, and a calendar.

jg12The garden is absolutely stunning, housing a wide array of Japanese flora and Asian architecture, which was also aesthetically pleasing and meticulously placed throughout the garden. Though I’ve never been, it truly felt like I was chilling in a Japanese suburbia removed from all the noise/hustle bustle of the city.



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