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Stillness: Its Beauty And Power

Today, I am grateful for the beauty and peace that I’ve found in the gift of stillness.

anthony-ginsbrook-66736Stillness is different from solitude, different from loneliness, different from turning off the TV, radio, phones, or stereo or speaking softly.

Stillness is a place you can find in the desert or in the mountains. You can find it when you’re alone or when you’re in the midst of peace. You can find stillness wherever you are, whatever you’re going through. Stillness is a place within you. Slow down. Breathe deeply. Get quiet. Become familiar with stillness. Take time to learn its power.


From that place of stillness, the right action will emerge and you will find your next step. From that place of stillness, you can move into the present moment. There you will find your power, and there God will find you.

~ Melody Beattie

And in light of this, I am sharing a couple of digital postcards that I’ve created. You can download, print, and send to family and friends, or you can keep them, share, use on your blog, anything.


postcard 1


postcard 2


postcard 3


postcard 4


postcard 5


postcard 6

How to download:

  • Click on the image and a new tab will open
  • File is in PDF format
  • To save to your PC/Mac, click “arrow” icon on top right or choose open in Acrobat
  • Or print direct from browser

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