Philately, Pretty Snail Mail

Pretty Snail Mails From The Past Months

Hello lovely friends! It’s been a while since I posted incoming pretty mails. So today, I want to share and show you all the mails that I’ve received over the past few months.

The newest mail is from my sweet little friend in Malaysia, XinNing.

Look at the details on this pretty pink envelope. I truly love the gold wax seal with the Chinese characters.

Enclosed were these beautifully made mini envelopes and cute flake stickers. I am also in love with the stamps that she’s put on.


I also received a surprise mail from a long time IG and pen friend, Margit.DSC00730She knows that I love Buddha cards/postcards and this one certainly made me happy.

DSC00728And what a wonderful set of stamps…


DSC00750One of the surprise mails was from Tripthi. I love all the details on the cards, postcards, and the envelope.

The stamps that she’s put on are also full of details.

This handmade card is from a long time post-crossing friend, Madhura.DSC00748
I am so attracted to the simple and abstract art on this card. Aren’t the stamps so beautiful?DSC00749


These mails are from Jifeng, he’s been very consistent in sending me random postcards and mails each time he organizes a postcrossers’ meet-up. I really do admire his passion and commitment for this hobby.

In the envelope was a hand-cancelled card celebrating the Lunar New Year.

The panda stamp is so pretty cute.DSC00733

He also sent me a postcard from their recent  post-crossing meet up.
And the Hawaii card is from Shelley, she’s one of my original postcard trade friends from 4 years ago and we randomly send postcards to each other.


I received another surprise mail from Viv in Singapore. On the back part of this Buddha card from Thailand were hand-cancelled Buddha stamps. Oh my! they are really so beautiful. And I am really glad that she sent this card in an envelope because the stamps are too precious to get ruined if it was sent by itself.

I also received one more surprise Buddha postcard from Anna when she visited her home country, Thailand.

DSC00745My friends seriously know how to simply make me happy.

And for the stamps? Wow. just wow!

collage 2Thank you my dear and lovely friends from all over the world, for always keeping in touch and for remembering to always send me pretty snail mails. I feel so blessed to have you all in my life.




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