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National Card and Letter Writing Month

Did you know that April is… yes, card and letter writing month? cool, right? And this is the first time I’m joining in because I thought it would be the best time to get caught up with reply mails, get in touch with family, long time friends, and enemies perhaps? 😀

So, here is a peek at what I’ve sent so far. First on my list is for an aunt who turned 84 yo on the 31st of March but I forgot to send a card on time, as the saying goes… it’s better late than nothing at all.

And of course, postcards for myself, immediate families, and for my best cousin.

Moving on to reply mails for penpals.


I also got this pretty parcel from the official Write_On campaign site. They are still sending letter writing kits to those interested. So, go on ahead and grab one out for yourself if you want to hop in. It’s not too late.

If you are a bit lost on what to write, here are a few tips that I found while surface browsing (forgot the site, but thanks):

1) Write the first things that come to mind; they often come straight from the heart.
2) Don’t edit yourself, unless you spell a word wrong.
3) Be brief. Letters like speeches need not be long-winded. You’ll lose your audience.
4) Print neatly. Handwriting is nice, but not everyone can read yours (and mine).
5) Use clean paper, but any color or type (including note cards) will do as long as it’s free of food stains.
6) Draw a picture of a heart, flower, animal, or whatever – it doesn’t have to do anything with your topic, but should make the recipient smile.

And Chronicle Books listed 30 potential people you can write to.

  1. Parents
  2. Siblings, if any (or an extended family member if you are an only child)
  3. Yourself: the present you, future you, and/or past you
  4. A kid in school
  5. Your grandparents
  6. A longtime enemy
  7. Santa
  8. An old friend that you have lost touch with, but wish you hadn’t
  9. Your lover
  10. An ex-lover (this might not be a good idea)
  11. A teacher who changed the way you think
  12. Someone in prison
  13. Your garbage collector
  14. The bartender at your regular spot (include a tip in the envelope!)
  15. Your pet
  16. Your favorite author
  17. A company you admire
  18. Your childhood hero
  19. Someone you have lost
  20. A stranger (and then leave it in a public place)
  21. Your congresspeople
  22. A homeless person
  23. Your bus driver
  24. Your librarian
  25. Your mailman/mailwoman
  26. Your favorite literary character
  27. A soon-to-be graduate
  28. Your alma mater
  29. Your favorite food (an ode to pizza, perhaps, written on pizza paper)
  30. The cashier at your corner store

Good luck and get those pens, paper, stationeries out of their boxes because letter writing is not just fun but it’s more fun when shared.

We write frankly and fearlessly but then we “modify” before we print. – Mark Twain

I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time. -Blaise Pascal


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