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Junk, Stamping, and Bullet Journaling

A few days ago, while I was keeping and organizing my Traveler’s Notebooks, I found a half-finished insert that I started last year for my doodles but totally forgot about it, and thought of how I would incorporate it in my current planning and journaling system. The idea of using it for junk journaling excited me because I have tons of ephemera that I intend to use all up.

So, what is it? basically, you know all those ticket stubs and receipts and things that you should throw away but don’t want to? this is the place to put these items. I’d call this a type of scrapbooking, but it requires less time and effort.
There is no need to over think on layout and what your focal point would be.

On another note, I’ve seen on Instagram how Traveler’s Notebook users stamp their leather covers and thought of trying it on one of my leather journal covers (not originally made by Traveler’s Company) to see if I would like how it would look and how it feels using one and if it is worth doing on my original Traveler’s Notebook cover. Uhhhmm… to me, it is ok. Not really my jam, so I am content for now to just having one stamped cover. The good thing is, this could all change. 😀 Keeping an open mind.

And on another, another note… I am also trying my hands on a simple form bullet journaling, so, I made an insert myself out of a notebook that I bought from Daiso months ago. It had dotted paper, just perfect for bullet journaling, and I like how it does not bleed through the other side of the page.

And lastly, I also made these labels myself because like I said on my IG story, I was about to spend $50 worth of Classiky pads which I only intend to use on my journals and maybe for lists. And I am glad I was able to stop myself before I could hit the checkout button. While I admit their paper and prints are really of quality, the habit of buying those can get quite expensive.

My point here is, if you have the tools, the skill, and patience, why not make it yourself and save the bucks for other important stuffs. 😀 Don’t get carried away with all the stationery and tools that are trending on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, or wherever these brands are being sold.

That is all for now and thank you for reading.




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