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How I Use My Black Dokibook 

While I mostly enjoy using my Traveler’s Notebooks and love the thought that there is so much that I can do on it, I do feel like I sometimes need a quick change of journals/planners, just like how you want to step outside for a quick change of scenery. For that reason last year, I bought a cheaper version of those ring bound planners from the makers of Dokibook which is based in Hongkong. I decided to get the black textured cover with gold dots and elastic band and it already came with a dashboard, dividers, plastic pouches, and a transparent plastic ruler, all for just $24.00 plus SH, a total of $32. Not bad for newbie user like me, right? And it’s about time that I show how I use it.

I bought a couple of paper packs that I can use in it from a seller in Hongkong through eBay for $2.49/style with 40 leaves per pack and I love how cute their designs are. I wanted my pages to be minimal yet pretty but something that takes less effort and time to decorate and very inspiring to write on. So, I think having these in my Dokibook worked really well for me. It’s chunky but kinda cute. 😻

I used to use colors on the ‘Dailies‘ for time tracking and side notes for my mails. But I decided to skip doing that recently because it can get time-consuming and I often forget which color to use for which type of activity.🙀

How my current dailies look

I use the ‘List/To-do‘ section for my long-term lists.

The ‘Accounts‘ section is for me to keep track of my coffee expenses, crafts & art supplies spending, travel expenses, etc.

The ‘Favorites‘ section is for spur of the moment thoughts, haiku, etc.

This ‘Notes‘ section is still empty  because I have only added this recently.

And the ‘Miscellaneous‘ section for some serious writings.

I didn’t buy the Monthlies and Weeklies since I have them in my Traveler’s Notebook and I was trying to avoid being redundant, although I am thinking of getting the sets for future use.

I have noticed one thing though, brown ink seems to fit the pages’ design so well. So, yes to that since I am a big fan of brown ink.  🖌

Thank you as always for reading.

Xo 🙏🏻