Week 17 on my Gratitude Journal


Being happy and content right now. I love this life. So grateful! and for being open to the splendor of not knowing, making it up as I go along. Merrily, merrily, merrily… life is but a sacred dream.  (4/24)


Today, I release the need to know, and to figure everything out, to have all the answers all the time. I embrace the present moment and trust that I am being carried along in the Divine flow. I am grateful to just be. (4/25)


The almost incomprehensible thing that created the galaxies, and what is beyond them. That benevolent thing, the source of all that is, that energy which is only love all the time. I wish I could find a name that moves beyond gender and personification because God is so much bigger than that. (4/26)

I’m reminded of my tag line, “gratitude moves mountains.”  Holy cow does it ever! The more I immerse myself in gratitude, things expand. Wonderful things happen, ideas come to me, I’m more creative, loving and kind. (4/27)

The peaceful mornings. Waking up to birds singing, a nice walk and stopping for coffee on my way back home. Just thankful. (4/28)



Today for looking and dancing with any and all attachments. All are sacred yet none are. A big teaching in progress. What does it… whatever “it” stands for? What/where do I truly give value. (4/29)


No rules! Living this life in any way or uninhibited way that makes my heart sing. Grateful. The older I become, the more I realize, for me… none of it much matters, other than whatever or how anything else relates to love and kindness and how it feels. Life seems more freeing that way. (4/30)


Relax and enjoy life. Know that whatever you need to know is revealed to you in the perfect time and space sequence. ~ Louise Hay

Thank you for reading. What were you thankful for for the past week?

Love always,



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