Week 21 on My Gratitude Journal

Grateful for this quote:

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling  you All they show is a limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what  you already know and you’ll see the way to fly. ~ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by R. Back (5/15)

Grateful for today, because reflecting that my practice is now such that I don’t meditate and center in the morning, I miss it greatly, and even crave the silence that I am getting used to. So grateful for fruits of silence. Also for memories that kept resurfacing these past few days — of happy days from college, from when I was popular among my peers and for that young love I once had. 😀  (5/16)

Grateful for a sense of peace amidst the outside chaos, knowing how blessed and guided my life is. So very grateful when I can step out of my own. (5/17)

Everything is passing…
Enjoy it’s momentariness. ~ Mooji

Grateful for grace letting me know gently when I’m off or starting to zigzag, for joy in remembering. For a decision coming into clarity. Still waiting for the knowing. For trust whispering to my soul… “Trust now, please. Trust your sacred self.” And for a beautiful day, getting the beautiful gifts my cousin just sent me from the Asia and for all the blessings, for winning today. (5/18)

Grateful for learning to surf the waves of my emotions. I recently heard of a good friend’s/family’s sad news and reality, that I almost lashed it all out at someone else. Very thankful because I need not dive in or drown with it. I can float and feel the sun on my shoulders and the mist on my face. May we each find the strength to ride, and not steep in the emotions that tie us down. (5/19)

The gratitude I feel for waking up each morning and having a full complete day of life’s gifts; of being present to enjoy all aspects of now and trying to live an authentic humble life seems to become richer each second. Much gratitude for being a part of a beautiful community of meditators. (5/20)

Grateful for sunny day.
For double yoga.
For reminder to be patient.
For patience.
As a challenge.
As a quality.
As a virtue.

For these and so much more, I am blessed.


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  1. A BC says

    What a very calming post and I like how you are grateful of not just the material possessions you have but you go deeper than that. Grateful for being able to read this post.

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