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Hello everyone!

Glad to be able to blog on here again. This time I want to show you the little progress I’m making on my digital art and junk journals. If you hadn’t known, I was into digital scrapbooks many years ago, 2005 to 2009 to be exact, until one day… I thought of why not getting back to traditional scrapbooks and it eventually lead to smash booking, and to art and junk journaling. And now that I am feeling the paper and art material mess, clutter and all… I am re-considering of going digital, probably not all the way this year and in the next two or three years but I am leaning towards that goal. I wish to cut my material possessions and live simpler and with this long-term goal in mind, I am slowly giving away and selling things that I seldom use, and that includes my art materials. 😀

So, here goes:

May 20, 2017


No matter how educated, talented, rich, or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells it all. 

This was when a family was literally bashing out over someone and it was freaking bad mouthing that it made me sad at how we humans easily forget the values we’ve tried to keep for many years.

May 24, 2017

Field journal inspired spread.


Be there for someone even if it’s just for yourself…

Because why not? you need to be with yourself especially in times when you are lonely, or on the edge of depression, or feeling burnt out.

And I also made some flat pages.

I think you’ve noticed by now that I am into Japanese and vintage themed pages and it will be like this for most of my future creations.

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Thank you for reading and Namaste.

Credits: Viva Artistry & VRobinson Kits



  1. These are beautiful. I can’t go digital journal. Much like a digital book, it just seems wrong and not as wonderful.

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  2. A BC says

    These look so real, I wouldn’t have thought they’re digital. You’re so talented in so many ways.

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