Philately, Pretty Snail Mail

Recent Incoming Mails

Hello, my dear friends! Today, I am gonna show you my recent incoming mails. I am so glad that they still keep coming even if I am not that very active on Instagram anymore. And I really appreciate it that they still remember me, I guess that’s how friends should be.

I got four beautiful mail in the past week. And it would be shame if I didn’t blog about them.

First to come is from Atikah in Malaysia. We’ve been friends for four and half years now, she’s one of the original pals ever since snail mail became popular on IG in 2013. We’ve sent to each other randomly until it became a regular correspondence.

She always sends me pretty and unique paper stuffs. I’ve always treasured the goodies she’s been sending me because I can always feel the sincerity and the friendship in them.

Now, look at that pretty paper napkin on the first photo. And oh my! those washi samplers? they’re just so adorable, very unique and not so accessible here in the US market. Also, I’ve been secretly coveting those Japanese brand ‘Classiky’ paper pad samplers (third photo), but I never bought them because they are quite pricey when here in the US. (My story about it is found at the last part of a previous post.)

This is what I am always looking forward to — stamped paper using her Chamil Garden stamp collection which is also very interestingly pricey here in the US, ranging from $8-16 for each stamp. You probably can guess why I adore her stamp collection, it’s because these are seldom sold here and not easily accessible to us crafters. What I also liked most is, it’s like we have a silent agreement to send each other stamped paper samplers because I always send her in return stamped papers using my Tim Holtz collection, which according to her is kinda pricey in her country.
And lastly, she always use pretty sets of stamps which I can add to my collection.

Wax seal on Atikah’s envelope

Another mail from Malaysia came in the same week and it is from my favorite little artist friend, XinNing.

First thing that caught my attention is the beautifully made envelope along with the unique and pretty stamps and the wax seal. And the back part of the envelope is equally beautiful as the front.

She always sends me beautiful bits and pieces from her country, or anything that I can use for my journals. What I loved most is the set of Cambodia postcards. They are so pretty and can only make me dream (for now) of visiting the place.

Third mail came from Patty in Illinois. I love the zen illustrations on those bookmarks and some of the vintage ephemera.

And lastly, Kristina in Serbia sent me this wonderful mail with ‘green themed’ stickers because she said, she wished to see me create a page on my journal with greens on it. I thank her because it is also a favorite color and I can’t wait until I am able to do a journal spread using what she’s just sent me.

And for all of these, I thank you all my dear friends for remembering me even when I am not on Instagram these past weeks.



  1. How delightful to receive such beauty through the mail. I’m so happy to see that people are keeping the spirit of snail mail alive.


  2. Those are some really gorgeous mails, Prem! 🙂

    Lately I haven’t been actively snail mailing or posting much on my IG (with regard to hobbies like mails & sbux etc).. Life has been super hectic with lots of ups & downs. How have you been? I’m glad to still be able to stay updated with you on your blog! As always, I enjoy these beautiful photos of your hobbies!

    Do take care & catch you in your next post! 🙂 Cheers, Danielle


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