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Hello my dear friends! I am so sorry for being absent here on my blog the past few weeks. I was so busy with a project that I needed to finish at the end of June and I just could not squeeze blogging even if I meant to. Let’s just say that this is a pretty lame excuse for being  ‘a not so great blogger.’ 😀

Excuses aside, what I would like to share to you all in this post are my past journal and planner pages. My process has become simpler and quick and that is just the way I wanted it to be. No fussing or perfecting everything. Wabi-sabi, as what the Japanese call it.

On my passport Traveler’s Notebook

Monthly view

Week 20

Like I said before, the tasks, lists, reminders, and to-do’s are not really date specific, they’re there to give me an idea on what I need to do on that week because I have a separate daily planner where I can list and track my progress each day.

On my regular Traveler’s Notebook

Week 21

This page, uhmmm… well, there’s a story to that. I was trying to create a kinda vintage but shimmery page but I overdid the shimmering, so I just left it like that.

On my B6 Slim Midori Notebook (Weekly)

Monthly view

I will only be showing excerpts, quotes actually that I added on some pages.

Lastly, I would like to thank Kristina in Serbia for sending me that wood button (from photo below) in her latest mail for me. I have been eyeing on the Yosegi quilted work originally made by Traveler’s Factory but it seemed so difficult to get a hold of one and this button is just the perfect bling for my Olive TN. So, thanks so much, my dear friend.

And that wraps up the half of the year. Here’s to 26 more weeks of new chances!

Thank you for looking and for your patience in reading or browsing through the photos. Until the next post. Namaste.



  1. I love what you are doing here!
    I do something similar, and as much as I like it, I am still getting used to it.
    I tried bullet journaling at the beginning of the year, but it just did not work for me.
    I like this (yours) much better.
    Happy day to you!

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  2. ‘ 26 more weeks of new chances!’ – I love this! fresh start every day — every moment!


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