Happy Planner

New Mini Happy Planner

New notebook for the new season!

For many years now, I have meant to try one of these Happy Planner notebooks by Me and My Big Ideas. I finally gave in when I saw them affordably sold at Michael’s for $19.00+, less 50% off because of store coupons that I regularly get in my mail.

These planners have a lot of cover and insert designs to choose from but I liked this “You Got This” style most, mainly for its neutral colors. I wanted something simple so that I can easily decorate the pages without having to worry of any designs that are already on them.


Covers size – 5.125” x 7.5”
Pages size – 4.5” x 7″
1 Reminders page per month for birthdays, etc.
2 pages monthly spread per month
2 pages weekly spread per month, all days get the same amount of planning space
1  lined Notes page, last part of the notebook

It also has dividers, some treated with foil and each one has a laminated tab where you can put on the ‘months’ stickers that came with the notebook.

The monthly spreads start on a Sunday, which doesn’t make sense to me since the weekly spreads start on a Monday. This totally got me confused whether they wanted to follow the US or Asia start of the week. Nevertheless, I liked how these pages are clean, simple, and minimal.

What really compelled me to buy this is its great size which is perfect for most of my purses or handbags, not that I will be carrying this most of the time, but for when there will be a need for me to do so. Also, for its laminated covers which seem to be fairly sturdy as long as you don’t throw or toss it around too much.

It’s also my first time to use a notebook with a disc bound system, so, I am not really sure for now if I will use it with a new set of page refill once the current ones are full. What I am thinking, though, is that this notebook size would be great for bullet journaling using a grid or dot paper.

If you are thinking of buying one of these Happy Planner notebooks, you may want to check their website here to see which design you would like to have before heading to your crafts store because these notebooks are fairly sealed and it is kinda hard to see what’s inside.

*I am not in any way affiliated with the company. 😀