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Little Tokyo, Again!

I love coming here because of the many cool restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores and for the stationery stores.

Little Tokyo Mall, located at the heart of Little Tokyo is on 1st St, has a bunch of small shops, a bit pricey but there’s another reason I like coming here, it is as clean as Downtown Los Angeles gets. There are also a lot of great food spots in and around the area such as sushi, bento, bakery, ramen, etc. Pretty much any Japanese foods.

And right at the corner of Astronaut E Onizuka and 2nd Streets, is another plaza that is full of Japanese shops, and one of my favorite shops here is Kinokuniya, a book/stationery store. I’ve come here to check Frixion pens, Japanese ballpoint pens, and really cute notebooks, and whether they already have the 2018 Hobonichi planners/journals, but seems like they don’t carry it anymore. Anyway, I enjoyed browsing through their shelves, as always, because they really have exceptional products.

We had  lunch at Orochon Ramen after a little shopping at Kinokuniya. Ordered two kinds of ramen, one in salt based broth topped with cha-shu pork slice and the other one in soy broth also topped with cha-shu pork slice, both served with thin pork slices, black mushrooms, bell peppers, bamboo, and Tokyo Negi.

Orochon Ramen

Before heading home, we tried to visit this Buddhist Temple but it was already closed when we got here. 😦

Koyasan Buddhist Temple

My stationery haul for that short visit

From Kinokuniya

1 pack of A5 Midori light grid notebooks
1 pack of B6 slim Midori light grid notebooks
Mon Carnel Journal
2 Frixion clicker pens, 0.5mm in blue and black
2 Frixion slim pens, .38mm in blue and grayish black
Frixion pen refills, .38mm in black
1 Sarasa clip pen, 0.4mm in black
Pottering cat stamp (writing)
Chignon cat stamp
Kodomo No Kao Hana stamp
Pal Stamp set – cats

From Bun Ka Do, Inc

It is always fun to visit this little place in downtown Los Angeles. It’s something not to be missed if you love Japanese food and stuffs.



    • Thanks Lisa. Yes, I love going to the little piece of gem in DTLA. Thanks for dropping by, my friend.


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