Aliexpress Sticker Haul: Hit or Miss?

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to share to you all my $27.00 worth of sticker haul from Aliexpress. Yes! I said $27 only for this much of stickers, which usually cost twice or thrice the price on ____ or ____. 😀

Label stickers

Planner/Journal Stickers

Everything was great except for a box of label stickers that contained damaged items. The seller suggested that I open a dispute so she can send a refund on the item cost but I told her that it was okay since the item cost was less than dollar. And with that, she kindly offered to send me the same item on my next purchase with them.

All the items were of good quality, of course, not at par with Japanese made stationery but for the price, what can you expect? It’s not that bad, really. I mean, if I am using it for planners or journals only, then going cheap sometimes is not a bad idea because, seriously… why not? I’m not about to make a masterpiece here. 😀

Watch the video below for more visuals of the items that I’ve purchased.

If you’ve never heard of Aliexpress yet, let me tell you a little about them. Aliexpress is an online shopping site that was made under the world known Alibaba Group. In short, Aliexpress is a site for the small to medium entrepreneurs/wholesalers in China and some Chinese countries in SE Asia and for retailers around the world, without charging membership fees for both parties, unlike Alibaba which charges a membership fee for both.

I have purchased many items from Aliexpress since 2012 and most of them were successful. If there ever were transactions that I felt unhappy with, everything was resolved between me and the seller and I was always sent a full or partial refund depending on the case opened. But remember, the experience is always subjective. I suggest that if you ever do shopping with Aliexpress though, that you MUST always check a seller’s credibility because things can go wrong even with a 99% rating, it can happen in any online store. Also, I don’t suggest that you buy electronics or any stuffs that are quite pricey and it’s always a “shop at your own risk” when it comes to Aliexpress.

Some helpful tips:

– Like I’ve said earlier, check seller’s ratings and reviews.
–  Don’t ever save your payment details. It’s always best not to in any online shopping.
– If you are ever doubtful of an item, don’t buy it. Period.
– Don’t confirm the delivery of an item/s just yet, not until you have inspected and everything is in accordance to the seller’s description.
– Do not confirm delivery yet, especially if you are not happy with the item/s. Contact the seller right away and if not helpful, open a dispute. They usually try to avoid disputes because it takes down points/rates against them. This idea is usually what I hold on to. (evil grin)
– Never hesitate to ask or contact the seller about an item you are eyeing for and be sure to keep that conversation until all transactions with the seller are successful.
– Always take note of the size, material, and descriptions.
– Check for item feedback/reviews.
– Never give out your paypal account when a seller offers a refund. Refunds are usually done by Aliexpress itself when a decision has been reached after filing a dispute (Aliexpress does not release your payment to seller, not until you are happy with the item you have received).
– Always keep an eye out of the shipping/tracking and the seller protection expiry.
– It’s always best to communicate with seller before buying and see how they respond even to small questions. This is how I gauge customer service.
– If possible, always ask for ePacket shipping (to the US), especially when you specify that you’ll be buying more from them, with at least $15 to $20 worth or more of items. Mostly, they are friendly and helpful.
– Lastly, be a smart/wise buyer. Always. Anywhere.

Good luck if you ever decide to shop from them. 😀



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