About Me

19halfI have a bohemian approach to life — unconventional, anti-materialistic, creative who lives for & by my art through snail mails, and artsy-fartsy stuffs. I am so often in wander around SoCal.  Also, easily fits in frugality & luxury.

I am a foodie as well…

I welcome you all to my virtual junk drawer where I stack my practice photos.

More about me: 

  • I am an urban surfer & a soul searcher, living the life in Los Angeles area; turned photography, walking and life super fan.
  • Other interests include: good tunes, arts & crafts, food, travel, blogs, postcrossing and snail mails, books, coffee and more coffee.
  • On my spare time, I work as a Registered Nurse.

The use of my photos is totally cool with me; you decide whether to give it proper credit or not. And I hope you enjoyed my blog but if you don’t, that’s okay too. Also, if you really, really liked what you see and read here, please don’t hesitate to leave some love and follow me because that’s what family and friends really do.




  1. Hi! I love your blog 🙂 You take such beautiful photos, I look forward to reading more posts, esp since we have the same interests! 😀


  2. My Tropical Home says

    I had to take a look when I saw your blog name. A tip of the mug to you, from one coffee-lover to another 🙂
    Warmly – from Pasig City,


      • My Tropical Home says

        Used to collect them. But moving around a lot meant I had to ditch some. Nowadays I settle for a nice sturdy glass mug that I’ve had for about 7 years. I do have a porcelain set that I use from time to time when I feel I want something “classy” to hold my coffee…I hear you on the OC part, I’m like that too!


  3. Thank you for passing by my blog which is how I came to yours. it looks refreshing and I will follow yours too. Namaste from Nepal.


  4. bidisha19 says

    I like the way how you put it forth 🙂 …and let me tell you all your interest are mine too
    Love to you…



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