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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending all of you a big hug and much love today. May we all remember today to love ourselves, that we are enough, and today to gift ourselves and others a smile, some kindness, compassion, forgiveness…. and some sweetness of the chocolate variety or emotional variety… or even the pleasure of solitude and silence. May we give ourselves a little extra of whatever it is that we need. Namaste. 🙏🏻 Advertisements

Week 21 on My Gratitude Journal

Grateful for this quote: Don’t believe what your eyes are telling  you All they show is a limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what  you already know and you’ll see the way to fly. ~ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by R. Back (5/15) Grateful for today, because reflecting that my practice is now such that I don’t meditate and center in the morning, I miss it greatly, and even crave the silence that I am getting used to. So grateful for fruits of silence. Also for memories that kept resurfacing these past few days — of happy days from college, from when I was popular among my peers and for that young love I once had. 😀  (5/16) Grateful for a sense of peace amidst the outside chaos, knowing how blessed and guided my life is. So very grateful when I can step out of my own. (5/17) Everything is passing… Enjoy it’s momentariness. ~ Mooji Grateful for grace letting me know gently when I’m off or starting to zigzag, for joy in remembering. For a …

Week 17 on my Gratitude Journal

GRATEFUL FOR… Being happy and content right now. I love this life. So grateful! and for being open to the splendor of not knowing, making it up as I go along. Merrily, merrily, merrily… life is but a sacred dream.  (4/24)   Today, I release the need to know, and to figure everything out, to have all the answers all the time. I embrace the present moment and trust that I am being carried along in the Divine flow. I am grateful to just be. (4/25)   The almost incomprehensible thing that created the galaxies, and what is beyond them. That benevolent thing, the source of all that is, that energy which is only love all the time. I wish I could find a name that moves beyond gender and personification because God is so much bigger than that. (4/26) I’m reminded of my tag line, “gratitude moves mountains.”  Holy cow does it ever! The more I immerse myself in gratitude, things expand. Wonderful things happen, ideas come to me, I’m more creative, loving and …

Stillness: Its Beauty And Power

Today, I am grateful for the beauty and peace that I’ve found in the gift of stillness. Stillness is different from solitude, different from loneliness, different from turning off the TV, radio, phones, or stereo or speaking softly. Stillness is a place you can find in the desert or in the mountains. You can find it when you’re alone or when you’re in the midst of peace. You can find stillness wherever you are, whatever you’re going through. Stillness is a place within you. Slow down. Breathe deeply. Get quiet. Become familiar with stillness. Take time to learn its power. From that place of stillness, the right action will emerge and you will find your next step. From that place of stillness, you can move into the present moment. There you will find your power, and there God will find you. ~ Melody Beattie And in light of this, I am sharing a couple of digital postcards that I’ve created. You can download, print, and send to family and friends, or you can keep them, …

My Seven Days of Gratitude

Hello everyone! today, I would like to share to you my practice of gratitude. This attitude has immensely taught me to be more conscious of myself and allowed myself to accept what simply is. And I am thankful for this practice because it has made my 2016 a most amazing year. Grateful for good friends and conversation that is real, vulnerable, honest, and inspiring. Grateful to reflect on the past years since and see how much positive growth and change I have made in my life. Grateful for those teachers and healers and friends that have supported my growth… you know who you are, to whom I owe so much personal growth and a whole cadre of new, amazing, soul-aligned friendships. Grateful to be more in touch with my feelings – crying, expressing anger, etc. – and holding myself gently, rather than immediately jumping to some trick to get me out of feeling. Grateful for meditation to be such a lighthouse in my life. And for the wonderful people I know, choosing to connect rather than remain cocooned …

Here comes the rain again

Today, I am thankful for the rain storms that are moving through our state, replenishing the aquifers and relieving the drought conditions we’ve had for six years. I marvel that wildlife survived through it all and I am sure there is a lesson in their example of perseverance. Makes me even more grateful to be warm and dry indoors. Rain drop by drop sun-showers I stand in half-light waiting to see something more the rain is here now Rain is here Cold air crackles with the hint of change Rainy silence filling the pale dawn small prayers Rain outside Mind after meditation A warm blanket May we all be a reflection of Divine Light and Love today. Love always, P

Happy New Year!

First, let me greet everyone a Happy New Year! and yes, I’m still alive. 😀 This year instead of making resolutions, I am setting intentions (they seem so much more gentle than resolutions). “Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break and all things can be mended. Not with time as they say, but with intention. So go love intentionally, extravagantly,and unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness, for the light that is you.” -L.R. Knost I intend to love and care for myself as I do others. Please share your New Year intentions. As always I am grateful for all of you, my dear blogging friends. Namaste 🙏