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On gratitude and blessings

I sit on my deck hunched over my illuminated phone, humid warm air still caressing me like a blanket. The cicadas and tree frogs are singing, the crickets add to the choir–the night symphony. And for percussion, the pine cones falling heavy on roofs and sidewalks and stones. I am here on my hammock, looking up (past my phone) into an ink blue sky, with clouds like a comforter (maybe that’s why it’s still so warm!). The last vestiges of color– dark Crimson of the deck, evergreen of the tree leaves, the tiny yellow flicker of a plane’s lights in the sky. The air is still, And my neighbors all seem to be nestled into their couches, tv’s glowing. In this stillness and sound, I am grateful for my ability to see these things, see them down to my bones. These are just some of the amazing things of life. I am thankful for the ability to stop and look and listen and smell the world that I love so much. I am also grateful …

Walking and The Art Of It

When does your walking become an art? Art? It’s in the eye of the beholder. And in the mind of the creator… We can all find deep hidden meaning, or a forceful visual impact in the simplest things… Noticing, and maybe capturing, these moments can give a rich extra dimension to our walking experience… Often, we notice what others do not. Photos are of Torrey Pines Natural Reserve in San Diego when we hiked the Beach Trail.

The Observer: Practicing Detachment

Much of humanity is primarily motivated by anger and fear — anger over a job that people don’t like and the people in the workplace or it could be that someone is angry with someone else because of unmet expectations. In a situation like this, it is always worthwhile to check, is it really because of the thoughts, words, and actions of others in the past, or is it because of our own thoughts, words, and actions in the moment? When I find myself in situations like these where my blood is boiling or my stomach is churning, I try to get into the habit of stepping outside myself and becoming the observer. This practice is easier to do in the heat of the moment if you’ve practiced it before the battle gets started. Detaching releases the tension, diffuses the negative energy, and helps us to see the insignificance of events in the whole scheme of things. It also gives us a chance to see what lessons we might need to learn. By responding harshly or selfishly, …

Hiking at Arroyo Pescadero Trail in Whittier

The Arroyo Pescadero Trail is part of the Puente Hills Preserve which happens to be a large area set aside by the Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority as mitigation for the landfill. There are three trails to pick from when you’re here: one’s a loop called the Arroyo Pescadero with about 180 feet elevation and the other is just a trail, Arroyo San Miguel Trail, with a dead-end which is about 2.0 mile also with at least 300 feet elevation and the one that’s facing west is the short .60 mile Deer Loop. Enjoying the view of Whittier  and on clear days you can see all the way to the ocean. Not a lot of shade and it’s also a horse trail so we have to watch out for horse mines. For the most part, the trail is either dirt or gravel. There are a few spots that are paved  and they look like they used to be old service roads. View from the Arroyo San Miguel trail, when you reach the top from the parking …

Spirit Walk: A Meditation in Action

The simple act of walking has many rewards. It’s a great low-impact, cardio workout, an environmentally conscious mode of transportation, and walking is a wonderful moving meditation. I am able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and feel the sun, wind, or mist, all while being intensely aware of my body. Yet, walking meditation to me is more than just taking a leisurely stroll through the park. The result is a deep awareness of the body that carries through to a heightened awareness of my daily life. I live within a mile to a local park, bakery, restaurants, goodies store and many more: close enough that my feet are my transportation. My travel time would be greatly reduced if I rode my bike or a car instead of walking, and several times I have been asked why I do not do that. My reply has always been that I enjoy walking. My morning walks give me a chance to clear my head. I could worry about many things – family, people I’m mad …


The leaves are changing and so are we. This time of year I reflect upon the changes I have undergone and are still experiencing. It is certainly appropriate in fall to meditate on the natural beauty around us. Even in the midst of so many changes, nature flaunts her radiance. And so do so many of our loved ones shine in our lives. I take this time to recall specifically the triumphs of the human spirit I’ve witnessed. And appreciate the shining, colorful moments that have enriched me along the way. This month, I will purposefully call to mind the victories life has allowed me. There have been some very good times, usually in connection with overcoming obstacles life put in my path. It is a wide path and along it the trees are lit up with life. And there are victories yet left to experience. I will keep my eyes open to be of witness to the power of the human spirit.


September brings the very particular sensations of fall. The clean, crisp air begins to fill us up with welcome relief from the summer’s heat and thoughts that journey back to days gone by. We reflect upon the past. A melancholy sometimes comes, a longing for people and situations that used to give us such joy. There is nothing unnatural about these thoughts. We let them come and we let them go. Our thoughts are cascades; our moods turn like the leaves. We let nature color our world without succumbing to sadness or depression.We allow nature to run her course through us in peace and understanding. P.S. I welcome me back! ⊂( ・ ̫・)⊃