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The Observer: Practicing Detachment

Much of humanity is primarily motivated by anger and fear — anger over a job that people don’t like and the people in the workplace or it could be that someone is angry with someone else because of unmet expectations. In a situation like this, it is always worthwhile to check, is it really because of the thoughts, words, and actions of others in the past, or is it because of our own thoughts, words, and actions in the moment? When I find myself in situations like these where my blood is boiling or my stomach is churning, I try to get into the habit of stepping outside myself and becoming the observer. This practice is easier to do in the heat of the moment if you’ve practiced it before the battle gets started. Detaching releases the tension, diffuses the negative energy, and helps us to see the insignificance of events in the whole scheme of things. It also gives us a chance to see what lessons we might need to learn. By responding harshly or selfishly, …

Pier Fishing at Huntington Beach

California’s mild season allows fishing enthusiasts to enjoy an all year round ideal fishing conditions. Summertime and Fall season are the best times to catch certain species but the surfperch will stay until the winter. If you are interested in doing some pier fishing in the Southern California area, Huntington Beach Pier is on list for public piers and is listed under the yellow zone on PVS Fishing website which also lists the types of fish that are safe for eating. The Huntington Beach Pier is a fun place to fish and it is the home to the longest pier in Southern California, so you can imagine why it is so famous for many fishers because from the mid-pier area to the end is the home of most of the pelagic. According to Pier Fishing in California when fishing, it is always best to bring two poles. One is for catching small live baits such as the sardines and topsmelt and the other should be heavier and sturdier for larger fishes like the corbina, halibut, …

Fisheye one #1

Finally! I had my first roll of film developed yesterday that were all shot with my lomography fisheye one. Some of them turned out well and others didn’t. I learned a few things though after seeing the results. when shooting with this kind of film – Color Negative ISO 100: 1. shoot it on a bright sunny day – outdoors 2. never forget to advance the film before you shoot again or it will only under-expose the shot 3. use flash always when shooting indoors And for this kind of camera: 1. never go too close to a subject as the lens will give a black effect on the right lower part (see photo of my mailbox) 2. use higher ISO film for indoors 3. don’t use viewfinder as it will only make the fisheye effect off-center or could it be how I loaded the film?(more to the right) Camera: Lomography Fisheye One Film: Lomography CN 100 35mm Flash: built-in Processing: Color Negative C41

Diana mini #3

Hello everyone! How can it be July already? I am not even done posting my San Diego trip photos. 😦 I know I have to post more than I am posting these past few, but you know… life always happens as I’ve said before. The photos above were shot at Torrey Pines State Beach, when we stopped for an hour to breathe and just be. And these were from the La Jolla Cove, which I was not a big fan of. The place smells so bad that you have to hold your breath to take in the view. It smells like the wild life what with the pungent odor of the seals, birds and the excrement that are stinking up the sandstone cliffs. It was just too strong for me and maybe to everyone else. But if you walk as far as from the smelly source, you will get to enjoy the sea breeze, the waves and just be. This would be all for now. See you again soon. And I hope you guys are …

Diana mini #2

Hello again everyone! I am really so offline these days… Sorry you guys for not even being a good blog follower. I promise I’ll make it up in the next few. But not until the Vegas trip is over this week. But first, I really feel I have to post these photos already or they’ll just pile up and never get to be posted. These were the results of my first roll from the Diana Mini when I went to test it just around town. Multiple exposure can be achieved by not advancing the film and just shoot 2 or 3 times. And what’s even more fun is you can also shoot with it in half frames but I only shoot square with Diana Mini these days. Camera: Diana Mini (classic) Film: Lomography CN 400 (35mm) Processing: Color Negative

Understanding people

People can be upset because they have some family problems… because they have a health problem because they are hungry or thirsty or tired or stressed or over-caffeinated or under-caffeinated or having a hormonal invasion 😀 because some unwanted things are happening or some wants are not happening or to summarize – some expectations of theirs are unmet. When we recognize these things, we no longer take what they say and do personally, we stay very present, centered and radiate compassion instead of shrinking into our defenses and judgment. Let us give people the benefit of the doubt as I am doing now to a family who I even thought I knew so well. And to make things lighter, I dive deep into my coffee mug. 😀

Pacific Park

You’re strolling along a pier over the ocean; the surf beneath you barely overpowers the roar and shrieks from the roller-coaster overhead; but the cool, salt air is the perfect complement to the hotdog you’re enjoying. Just past the cotton candy stand a tough-looking barker challenges you to knock down three heavy, steel milk bottles and win a doll; Madame Sofia attempts to lure you into her tent with promises of your future. It is still possible, at the Santa Monica Pier, where Pacific Park is located. A good old-fashioned fun at its best. Pacific Park opened on May 26, 1996. Everything is to a smaller scale, the rides are geared more to children than to teenagers and adults, and the classic criss-cross of a wooden coaster is instead the stark, practical columns of a steel coaster. There are a great number of rides that go over the ocean but just don’t look down or you’ll think of something else scary and like the roller coaster which goes at around 35mph with a relatively short …