FAQs On My Journals and Planners

I have been asked many times about the journals and planners that I use, and the accessories and art materials that I frequently use with them. So, I decided to put up this FAQ page and hope that the info here helpful.

What kind of journals do you use? I mostly use Traveler’s Notebook by Traveler’s Factory

Do you have any suggestions on what type of notebooks to use? It’s actually more of a personal preference and on what you intend to use it for. For me, I always end up buying grid notebooks to use with my Traveler’s Notebook leather covers for junk journaling, sketch/doodle practice, and note taking purposes. Traveler’s Notebook also offer a yearly (dated) inserts in different formats. You just have to research and know what style you want to use and what for. If you are undecided, I suggest you start with undated grid or blank inserts.

Any accessories do you use on your journals? I don’t use a lot of accessories because I love keeping everything simple and I will only buy stuffs that I believe useful and functional, long-term. My most commonly used are: skeleton clips (to hold the notebook open), magnetic page clips (for bookmarking), pen boards or Shitajiki writing boards (placed under a writing sheet to prevent marking the underneath pages), and I sometimes adorn my leather covers using simple charms, but when the moon is up, I take everything off  and all my leather covers look bare and boring. 😢

What are your most loved art materials? For simple and quick journaling, I use:

– different washi tapes by my favorite designers like Classiky, Chamil Garden, MT, and recently by Sunny Sunday
– stamps by Tim Holtz
– distress inks by Tim Holtz
– distress stains by Tim Holtz
– found vintage ephemera from thrift shops and street fairs
– old book pages from thrift stores
– used postal stamps

What planners and journals are you using this year? For 2018, I am using the Jibun Techo Biz Mini for planning and Hobonichi’s Techo (A6) for memory keeping. And I used Traveler’s Notebook’s yearly (dated) inserts in the past years.

Where do you get your planner stickers and washi tapes? I am currently subscribed to Sticky Kit’s monthly stickers and the rest I bought from Cute Things From Japan and Aliexpress. I panic buy planner stickers before each year ends thinking that everything that I wish listed will sell out. Hahah on that! 😅 Well, let’s just say that I want to start the new year well prepared and equipped.

Where do you buy your planners and journals? I usually buy from different sellers, I always try to compare prices and shipping differences from all the shops that I frequent and will usually get the items where I can save bucks and cents even. Yes, I am that stingy. It takes a lot of time and planning and uhmm… meditation (heheh). Here are the list of shops/sellers where you can get them:
Baum-Kuchen in Los Angeles
Cute Things from Japan
Tokyo Pens
Jet Pens
Goulet Pens
Amazon (always a winner because of my Prime membership)
And your local stationery and journal sellers, please check their websites. I also heard that Traveler’s Factory is expanding their local retailers in the US and EU (check their Instagram), so that is a good news to everyone.

Note: I am in no way associated or do get paid for mentioning all the brands and shops on this page. I am just a tiny, tiny dot in this world caught and stuck on consumerism. 😀

Extra note: If you do have questions that I did not cover on this post, please don’t hesitate to holler me! I’d be more than glad to enable your ‘journaling’ needs and whims. (*evil grin)

Extra, extra note: There are a lot of serious enabling going on in Instagram and it’s easy to get sucked up and trapped in all those. If you are someone who is easily lured and cannot look away… beware… hint, hint. 😀

Last note: if you buy me a cuppa or two, I’ll be sure to send you a mystery mail art (similar) full of goodies and whatnots! Thanks a latte… in advance. 💌

Last updated: 02.07.2018