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Grand Central Market in Los Angeles

Spent the last two Saturdays  (Feb 17 and 24) at Los Angeles’ version of Europe’s night market, Grand Central Market. Built in 1917, it is the oldest concession type of market here in the Pacific Coast. It is said to have survived depression, recessions, earthquakes, and re-developments. It is now a vibrant community of multicultural stalls and food stops. It extends from Broadway Ave to Hill St. Grand Central Market is the food court for the foodies, it has ramen to tacos and coffee to ice cream, this place has something for everyone even for the vegetarians. You can find food, fresh or cooked from several countries, particularly from China, Mexico, Thailand, Italy, Salvador, Japan, Philippines in a wonderful fusion of flavors. You can choose among several different qualities of chili peppers or beans or fruits or rice. You can taste very hot spicy fried chicken or an excellent steamed salmon. You can take a hot or an iced American coffee or a good ice cream. You can speak Chinese or Thai or Spanish or Italian …

Walking and The Art Of It

When does your walking become an art? Art? It’s in the eye of the beholder. And in the mind of the creator… We can all find deep hidden meaning, or a forceful visual impact in the simplest things… Noticing, and maybe capturing, these moments can give a rich extra dimension to our walking experience… Often, we notice what others do not. Photos are of Torrey Pines Natural Reserve in San Diego when we hiked the Beach Trail.


Hello once again my dear WP friends! First, late but never too late, let me greet you all a Happy 2015 and hope that everyone is off to a good start. Life happened thus the very long absence here although I have been more present on IG. And also, I have resolved to just stick to this one blog and post or update here as often as I can. So, yay to me! 🙂

gratitude walk

Today is Black Saturday in the Lent season of Catholics, a time to fast and abstain from anything you favor in life. So, I was thinking whether to go on my daily walking. I still went ‘coz I call it my “gratitude walk” anyway and I label myself as part Catholic (it’s where I started) and more of a Buddhist these days. I make my daily walk a “gratitude walk” by consciously focusing on all that is right in your world and feeling. The deep inner thankfulness, contentment and peace. I let the gratitude build on gratitude until there is just one seamless flow of ease and openness. ***Photos were taken today using my mobile device and edited on Snapseed.

what is…

What happened to the first signs of spring? uhhmmm… life is really unpredictable. You’ll never know what is…. not until you’re in the moment. Whatever the day is, sunshiny or not, coffee still happens.

slow walking

One step at a time is a good walking ~ Chinese Proverb   Today’s coffee: I know, I keep showing you the same coffee but I repeat, it’s become my fave drink… free grande skinny peppermint mocha for when you get 5 holiday drinks in a row. All images were created using Snapseed.