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Spiritual Journal using a Smash Folio

For a year or so now, I have picked a lot of this free Meditation and Health magazine from the many Taiwanese restaurants or stores in my area that I have kept them for so long, adding to the clutter of magazines and thought that it was time to throw them away. I can’t understand Chinese anyway, I said to myself. I then realized later on why I should make characters that does not make sense be an obstacle to my learning and understanding. So, I decided to cut them as I went through each magazine and searched and researched what they were trying to tell. So, here are the pages that I’ve done so far. I also used one of the smash folios that I have kept all these years. They have very nice pages and good substrate to start with. I don’t need to add textures like what I usually do with my mixed media art journals. And in keeping the journal more doable, I just technically do a simple cut and paste, some lettering and write something …

Pier Fishing at Huntington Beach

California’s mild season allows fishing enthusiasts to enjoy an all year round ideal fishing conditions. Summertime and Fall season are the best times to catch certain species but the surfperch will stay until the winter. If you are interested in doing some pier fishing in the Southern California area, Huntington Beach Pier is on list for public piers and is listed under the yellow zone on PVS Fishing website which also lists the types of fish that are safe for eating. The Huntington Beach Pier is a fun place to fish and it is the home to the longest pier in Southern California, so you can imagine why it is so famous for many fishers because from the mid-pier area to the end is the home of most of the pelagic. According to Pier Fishing in California when fishing, it is always best to bring two poles. One is for catching small live baits such as the sardines and topsmelt and the other should be heavier and sturdier for larger fishes like the corbina, halibut, …


The leaves are changing and so are we. This time of year I reflect upon the changes I have undergone and are still experiencing. It is certainly appropriate in fall to meditate on the natural beauty around us. Even in the midst of so many changes, nature flaunts her radiance. And so do so many of our loved ones shine in our lives. I take this time to recall specifically the triumphs of the human spirit I’ve witnessed. And appreciate the shining, colorful moments that have enriched me along the way. This month, I will purposefully call to mind the victories life has allowed me. There have been some very good times, usually in connection with overcoming obstacles life put in my path. It is a wide path and along it the trees are lit up with life. And there are victories yet left to experience. I will keep my eyes open to be of witness to the power of the human spirit.

U-Pick Strawberry

Conveniently located near the 5 fwy in Carlsbad, you can just buy strawberries, or spend an hour picking your own.  It’s a fun pit stop. These farmers have it all figured out, we pay twice as much for the strawberries and do the picking ourselves! But, once you get beyond the obvious I’m-a-sucker feeling, you realize what a fun activity this is. The best part about picking your own strawberries? 100% guarantee that they will be amazingly sweet and fresh. Taking a blind shot at a store, dearly hoping, that the packaged strawberries will offer even half the amount of sweetness pales by contrast. We bought a $20 bucket and already had 1/4 of the strawberries were gone when we got home! This year, we thought we were too early in going and that the strawberries were just too young but were delighted to find a good amount of big, plump strawberries. I do think that late April, early May is the best time to go. I suggest bringing your beach things if you are driving …


September brings the very particular sensations of fall. The clean, crisp air begins to fill us up with welcome relief from the summer’s heat and thoughts that journey back to days gone by. We reflect upon the past. A melancholy sometimes comes, a longing for people and situations that used to give us such joy. There is nothing unnatural about these thoughts. We let them come and we let them go. Our thoughts are cascades; our moods turn like the leaves. We let nature color our world without succumbing to sadness or depression.We allow nature to run her course through us in peace and understanding. P.S. I welcome me back! ⊂( ・ ̫・)⊃


Hello once again my dear WP friends! First, late but never too late, let me greet you all a Happy 2015 and hope that everyone is off to a good start. Life happened thus the very long absence here although I have been more present on IG. And also, I have resolved to just stick to this one blog and post or update here as often as I can. So, yay to me! 🙂

Diana mini #3

Hello everyone! How can it be July already? I am not even done posting my San Diego trip photos. 😦 I know I have to post more than I am posting these past few, but you know… life always happens as I’ve said before. The photos above were shot at Torrey Pines State Beach, when we stopped for an hour to breathe and just be. And these were from the La Jolla Cove, which I was not a big fan of. The place smells so bad that you have to hold your breath to take in the view. It smells like the wild life what with the pungent odor of the seals, birds and the excrement that are stinking up the sandstone cliffs. It was just too strong for me and maybe to everyone else. But if you walk as far as from the smelly source, you will get to enjoy the sea breeze, the waves and just be. This would be all for now. See you again soon. And I hope you guys are …