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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending all of you a big hug and much love today. May we all remember today to love ourselves, that we are enough, and today to gift ourselves and others a smile, some kindness, compassion, forgiveness…. and some sweetness of the chocolate variety or emotional variety… or even the pleasure of solitude and silence. May we give ourselves a little extra of whatever it is that we need. Namaste. 🙏🏻 Advertisements

Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Garden

Attention all gardeners, plant, and flora lovers… this is a wonderful and photogenic place to while away an afternoon. We  arrived late in the afternoon, 2 hours before closing and spent the hours here walking and photographing the lovely flowers and landscapes. This is a huge, beautiful, tranquil park and botanical garden – an absolute must-visit place for all ages, to enjoy its enormous acreage of woods, flower/fruit/herb gardens, waterfalls, ponds, lawns, tropical “forest”…. not to mention the many peacocks running around everywhere. The Baldwin guest mansion with its citrus and rose gardens is the highlight of these impressive acres of natural beauty. So many gardens to see at your leisure. I highly recommend a visit to the Arboretum and Botanic Garden. I’ve lived in the Los Angeles area for forever, but it took me this long to realize what a lovely respite from all-things-Los Angeles this peaceful place is. Do visit the Arboretum… you will want to return for every season under the sun. And more. A gorgeous and cheaper alternative to the Huntington Gardens. …

Japanese Tea Garden in San Franciso

As you visit the Japanese Tea Garden, you’ll enjoy gorgeous landscapes and scenery complete with kaleidoscopic floral arrangements, waterfalls and koi ponds.  You will also see a rich display of Japanese culture by prominent structures such as the pagoda, a drum bridge and a tea house. What you probably won’t be able to see, however, is its rich history of the past – a past that many would rather forget. Most of the structures that you’ll see, such as the Mount Fuji landscapes, the pagoda, the Zen Garden, among others were actually additions made from 1960’s through 1980’s. The original gates, which are rich in history and culture, were restored in the 1980’s. It is a pretty big place to walk around and explore.If you get hungry or thirsty, there is a place inside where you can eat and drink tea while enjoying the scenery. Having a cup of Japanese tea while enjoying the sunshine is a wonderful experience. The small shop is worth taking a look too. I bought a Japanese wind chime, incense, …

Sprocket rocket #2

More panoramic shots from my sprocket rocket camera in Mission Bay. For this roll I only got six great shots. 😦 Someday, somehow I will get to perfect the shots. I know it takes a lot of patience and practice. 🙂 Camera: Lomography Sprocket Rocket Film: Lomography CN 400 35mm Processing: Color Negative C41 (panorama with holes)

Sprocket rocket #1

Shooting my first film with the sprocket rocket looked so easy breezy but I only got two successful shot here. Here’s why: 1. I always failed to check the right settings of the camera. I have found out that I shot most of the film on a B-mode (long exposure); which I think was accidentally moved while the camera was in my bag. 2.  And aperture was set to cloudy too. So this is how I only got two great landscape panorama from my first roll. Better luck next time. 😀 How is everyone btw? Hope you all are having a great weekend! Camera: Lomography Sprocket Rocket Film: Lomography CN 800 35mm Processing: Color Negative C41 (panorama with holes)

full swing spring

Ahhh, was busy these past few days of the month restructuring life and its intricacies but I still managed to make flower photos while spirit walking though. 🙂 Here they go. How are you all my dearies?