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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending all of you a big hug and much love today. May we all remember today to love ourselves, that we are enough, and today to gift ourselves and others a smile, some kindness, compassion, forgiveness…. and some sweetness of the chocolate variety or emotional variety… or even the pleasure of solitude and silence. May we give ourselves a little extra of whatever it is that we need. Namaste. 🙏🏻 Advertisements

On gratitude and blessings

I sit on my deck hunched over my illuminated phone, humid warm air still caressing me like a blanket. The cicadas and tree frogs are singing, the crickets add to the choir–the night symphony. And for percussion, the pine cones falling heavy on roofs and sidewalks and stones. I am here on my hammock, looking up (past my phone) into an ink blue sky, with clouds like a comforter (maybe that’s why it’s still so warm!). The last vestiges of color– dark Crimson of the deck, evergreen of the tree leaves, the tiny yellow flicker of a plane’s lights in the sky. The air is still, And my neighbors all seem to be nestled into their couches, tv’s glowing. In this stillness and sound, I am grateful for my ability to see these things, see them down to my bones. These are just some of the amazing things of life. I am thankful for the ability to stop and look and listen and smell the world that I love so much. I am also grateful …

Spirit Walk: A Meditation in Action

The simple act of walking has many rewards. It’s a great low-impact, cardio workout, an environmentally conscious mode of transportation, and walking is a wonderful moving meditation. I am able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and feel the sun, wind, or mist, all while being intensely aware of my body. Yet, walking meditation to me is more than just taking a leisurely stroll through the park. The result is a deep awareness of the body that carries through to a heightened awareness of my daily life. I live within a mile to a local park, bakery, restaurants, goodies store and many more: close enough that my feet are my transportation. My travel time would be greatly reduced if I rode my bike or a car instead of walking, and several times I have been asked why I do not do that. My reply has always been that I enjoy walking. My morning walks give me a chance to clear my head. I could worry about many things – family, people I’m mad …

Sprocket rocket #1

Shooting my first film with the sprocket rocket looked so easy breezy but I only got two successful shot here. Here’s why: 1. I always failed to check the right settings of the camera. I have found out that I shot most of the film on a B-mode (long exposure); which I think was accidentally moved while the camera was in my bag. 2.  And aperture was set to cloudy too. So this is how I only got two great landscape panorama from my first roll. Better luck next time. 😀 How is everyone btw? Hope you all are having a great weekend! Camera: Lomography Sprocket Rocket Film: Lomography CN 800 35mm Processing: Color Negative C41 (panorama with holes)

Fisheye one #1

Finally! I had my first roll of film developed yesterday that were all shot with my lomography fisheye one. Some of them turned out well and others didn’t. I learned a few things though after seeing the results. when shooting with this kind of film – Color Negative ISO 100: 1. shoot it on a bright sunny day – outdoors 2. never forget to advance the film before you shoot again or it will only under-expose the shot 3. use flash always when shooting indoors And for this kind of camera: 1. never go too close to a subject as the lens will give a black effect on the right lower part (see photo of my mailbox) 2. use higher ISO film for indoors 3. don’t use viewfinder as it will only make the fisheye effect off-center or could it be how I loaded the film?(more to the right) Camera: Lomography Fisheye One Film: Lomography CN 100 35mm Flash: built-in Processing: Color Negative C41

Diana mini #2

Hello again everyone! I am really so offline these days… Sorry you guys for not even being a good blog follower. I promise I’ll make it up in the next few. But not until the Vegas trip is over this week. But first, I really feel I have to post these photos already or they’ll just pile up and never get to be posted. These were the results of my first roll from the Diana Mini when I went to test it just around town. Multiple exposure can be achieved by not advancing the film and just shoot 2 or 3 times. And what’s even more fun is you can also shoot with it in half frames but I only shoot square with Diana Mini these days. Camera: Diana Mini (classic) Film: Lomography CN 400 (35mm) Processing: Color Negative