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Week 21 on My Gratitude Journal

Grateful for this quote: Don’t believe what your eyes are telling  you All they show is a limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what  you already know and you’ll see the way to fly. ~ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by R. Back (5/15) Grateful for today, because reflecting that my practice is now such that I don’t meditate and center in the morning, I miss it greatly, and even crave the silence that I am getting used to. So grateful for fruits of silence. Also for memories that kept resurfacing these past few days — of happy days from college, from when I was popular among my peers and for that young love I once had. 😀  (5/16) Grateful for a sense of peace amidst the outside chaos, knowing how blessed and guided my life is. So very grateful when I can step out of my own. (5/17) Everything is passing… Enjoy it’s momentariness. ~ Mooji Grateful for grace letting me know gently when I’m off or starting to zigzag, for joy in remembering. For a …

Pier Fishing at Huntington Beach

California’s mild season allows fishing enthusiasts to enjoy an all year round ideal fishing conditions. Summertime and Fall season are the best times to catch certain species but the surfperch will stay until the winter. If you are interested in doing some pier fishing in the Southern California area, Huntington Beach Pier is on list for public piers and is listed under the yellow zone on PVS Fishing website which also lists the types of fish that are safe for eating. The Huntington Beach Pier is a fun place to fish and it is the home to the longest pier in Southern California, so you can imagine why it is so famous for many fishers because from the mid-pier area to the end is the home of most of the pelagic. According to Pier Fishing in California when fishing, it is always best to bring two poles. One is for catching small live baits such as the sardines and topsmelt and the other should be heavier and sturdier for larger fishes like the corbina, halibut, …

sunset tanka

Ribbons of color harmonize across the sky giving hope beyond life’s eternal flame and bliss I thank you dear universe. Today’s coffee: at home with a house blend that is rich, balanced and complex while I write on my one sentence 5 year journal. Happy weekend to everyone! Linked with SWF.


Be kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a great battle just like we do. These words hit me yesterday afternoon while doing my walking meditation and it reminded me so much of my grandpa (may his soul rest in peace), he who never got tired telling us this wisdom every time he sees us walk out the door. 🙂 And I looked up at the sky to thank him. It’s time for the SWF, come join us! Click on the thumbnails to show larger photos.