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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sending all of you a big hug and much love today. May we all remember today to love ourselves, that we are enough, and today to gift ourselves and others a smile, some kindness, compassion, forgiveness…. and some sweetness of the chocolate variety or emotional variety… or even the pleasure of solitude and silence. May we give ourselves a little extra of whatever it is that we need. Namaste. 🙏🏻 Advertisements

Fisheye one #1

Finally! I had my first roll of film developed yesterday that were all shot with my lomography fisheye one. Some of them turned out well and others didn’t. I learned a few things though after seeing the results. when shooting with this kind of film – Color Negative ISO 100: 1. shoot it on a bright sunny day – outdoors 2. never forget to advance the film before you shoot again or it will only under-expose the shot 3. use flash always when shooting indoors And for this kind of camera: 1. never go too close to a subject as the lens will give a black effect on the right lower part (see photo of my mailbox) 2. use higher ISO film for indoors 3. don’t use viewfinder as it will only make the fisheye effect off-center or could it be how I loaded the film?(more to the right) Camera: Lomography Fisheye One Film: Lomography CN 100 35mm Flash: built-in Processing: Color Negative C41

we will… heard.and be free. Today’s coffee: at home with a bold dark Seattle roast. These photos were taken using the hipstamatic app – RTV shout out film and JohnS lens.