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Week 21 on My Gratitude Journal

Grateful for this quote: Don’t believe what your eyes are telling  you All they show is a limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what  you already know and you’ll see the way to fly. ~ Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by R. Back (5/15) Grateful for today, because reflecting that my practice is now such that I don’t meditate and center in the morning, I miss it greatly, and even crave the silence that I am getting used to. So grateful for fruits of silence. Also for memories that kept resurfacing these past few days — of happy days from college, from when I was popular among my peers and for that young love I once had. 😀  (5/16) Grateful for a sense of peace amidst the outside chaos, knowing how blessed and guided my life is. So very grateful when I can step out of my own. (5/17) Everything is passing… Enjoy it’s momentariness. ~ Mooji Grateful for grace letting me know gently when I’m off or starting to zigzag, for joy in remembering. For a …

Hiking at Arroyo Pescadero Trail in Whittier

The Arroyo Pescadero Trail is part of the Puente Hills Preserve which happens to be a large area set aside by the Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority as mitigation for the landfill. There are three trails to pick from when you’re here: one’s a loop called the Arroyo Pescadero with about 180 feet elevation and the other is just a trail, Arroyo San Miguel Trail, with a dead-end which is about 2.0 mile also with at least 300 feet elevation and the one that’s facing west is the short .60 mile Deer Loop. Enjoying the view of Whittier  and on clear days you can see all the way to the ocean. Not a lot of shade and it’s also a horse trail so we have to watch out for horse mines. For the most part, the trail is either dirt or gravel. There are a few spots that are paved  and they look like they used to be old service roads. View from the Arroyo San Miguel trail, when you reach the top from the parking …

Spirit Walk: A Meditation in Action

The simple act of walking has many rewards. It’s a great low-impact, cardio workout, an environmentally conscious mode of transportation, and walking is a wonderful moving meditation. I am able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and feel the sun, wind, or mist, all while being intensely aware of my body. Yet, walking meditation to me is more than just taking a leisurely stroll through the park. The result is a deep awareness of the body that carries through to a heightened awareness of my daily life. I live within a mile to a local park, bakery, restaurants, goodies store and many more: close enough that my feet are my transportation. My travel time would be greatly reduced if I rode my bike or a car instead of walking, and several times I have been asked why I do not do that. My reply has always been that I enjoy walking. My morning walks give me a chance to clear my head. I could worry about many things – family, people I’m mad …

beach lounge

Ended up the week with a Saturday beach lounge at Venice Beach. Fresh for a new grueling work week. Sorry, coffee didn’t happen today and so for the last 5 days. You can just imagine the “big” change I’m going through. Not to mention the headaches, dry mouth and most especially the sluggishness. 😦 I’ve been snooping around already for some low-acid coffee and looks like there are a few choices that I can get for myself. 🙂 That’s good news!

venice canals

Over 100 years ago Abbot Kinney designed part of this city to actually resemble Venice Italy, including the infamous canals. Although, it looks nothing like the real Venetian canals, this area is adorable and very serene. Lined with picturesque homes, manicured front yards and gardens, it’s a spot worth exploring on your way to Venice beach and to take some pictures. It was nice walking around, enjoying the beautiful weather and lovely houses. And most of the home owners are very friendly and welcoming. You can easily visit Venice several times and never know the canals are there. They are tucked away in a strictly residential neighborhood.

convo messages

On instagram, a random friend asked if he can use the above photo for his edit journey. me: sure, no problem with me… do you want me to send the file? friend: yep! thanks, send it to ____ me: fine, do you want the original or the edited file? (I sent both anyways) friend: hey, I got the files. Thanks, I will send you the edited file for your approval me: oh no need, you don’t need my approval… I am giving you all the privileges friend: no no, you really need to approve if it’s ok or not ‘coz it’ll be carrying your name and you might not like what I do with the photo me: really… you don’t need my approval and I am not attached with my name. Whatever you come up with the photo is fine with me. And remember you should edit it for yourself and not for me or anybody else friend: silent mode 😀 me: thinking 24hrs after  – did he find me strange? I find it funny …

equestrian circle

I came across the equestrian circle again today when I did my loop at the Schabarum Trail. This can be found in between loops 1 and 2. Today’s coffee: the usual skinny macchiato from Sbux. Good day everyone!